Payment gateway API by UPayments for your e-commerce store, web or mobile application

What is UInterface?

UInterfaceV2 is the new, enhanced payment gateway API. UInterface enables you to seamlessly integrate payment gateways into your website or mobile app. UPayments is a licensed financial services provider regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait. We ensure that your transactions are safe and reliable. Sell products or services securely, regardless of your platform using our API.

Payment Methods provided

We provide digital payment methods like KNET (Debit Cards), Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay.


Get the Test API details

To try out the test API, navigate to Test Environment Checklist

How does Payment Transaction Processing work?

  1. Initiation

    • Starts when customer initiates payment request
    • Payment method is selected by the customer
    • Use create a payment request endpoint for this.
  2. Payment Processing

    1. Encryption and Transmission
      • Payment information securely transmitted to a payment gateway
      • Data encrypted and forwarded to the payment processor.
    2. Authorization
      • Payment processor sends transaction details to the acquiring bank.
      • Acquiring bank forwards information to the issuing bank through card network.
      • Issuing bank verifies account, checks for sufficient funds or credit
      • Issuing bank sends approval/decline via card networks and acquiring bank to the payment processor
  3. Response
    Use Webhook along with the returnurl (success) and errorurl to receive the response

  4. Check your payment status

    • This endpoint is used to update status of previously generated transaction
    • Useful when delayed or no response was received from the payment gateway.
    • This endpoint ensures transaction details are updated.

Settlements & Refunds

Settlements: During the settlement process, the UPayments deposits the funds into the merchant bank account by the next business day.

Refunds: Create Refunds endpoint can be used to create refunds

Saving Cards

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Get the Production API details

For Production API (Bearer) Token, contact [email protected] or +965 1809888

If you have availed the UInterface API, you can find your API details (API Key or Bearer Token) from your UPay Dashboard

To customize the look and feel of the UInterface payment page, you can upload your Business logo that will be displayed in the payment gateway page. By uploading your logo, you can create a professional and trustworthy payment experience for your customer experience.