Payment gateway API by UPayments for your e-commerce store, web or mobile application

What is UInterface?

UInterfaceV2 is the new, enhanced payment gateway API service that enables you to seamlessly integrate payment processing into your website or mobile app.

UPayments is a licensed financial services provider regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait, ensuring that your transactions are safe and reliable. Sell products or services securely, regardless of your platform using our API


How can merchants get the API?

Merchants interested in using the UInterface API reach out to the UPayments Sales Team at [email protected].

Once approved, merchants will be provided with the necessary details to integrate the API into their software, including their unique UPayments Merchant ID, API username, API password, and API key.

These credentials are essential for securely communicating with the UInterface payment gateway and processing transactions on behalf of your business.

If you are a merchant who has already availed of the UInterface API, you can also find your API details by logging into your UPay account and navigating to API -> API Details.

To customize the look and feel of the UInterface payment page, you can upload your Business logo that will be displayed in the payment gateway page. By uploading your logo, you can create a professional and trustworthy payment experience for your customers.tomer experience.