Once your test transactions are well tested and your application is ready to start collecting payments, use the live url found below.

  • Update your Sandbox endpoints (from to the Production endpoints by prefixing the below url
  • Production API: <https://uapi.upayments.com/>
  • Example: https://sandboxapi.upayments.com/api/v1/charge will now be replaced to https://uapi.upayments.com/api/v1/charge
  • Production API Key (Bearer Token): Contact us at [email protected] or +965 1809888.Non encrytpted API Token can can be used for the Bearer Token.



To start receiving real payments, ensure your UPayments account is Verified as part of our "Know your Customer" (KYC) obligations.

API Details for existing Merchants

If you have availed the UInterface API, you can find your API details (API Key or Bearer Token) from your UPay Dashboard

Invoices for your live transactions

Live transactions can be verified by referring to the Invoices on UPay.

Invoices can be on found on your UPayments Portal -> Invoices section for succesful and failed transactions. Payment details including payment time, payment status, payment method, unique order ID and unique track ID can be found inside the invoices


Please Note:

Live cards will need to be used for transactions on your Production environment.

Test cards will not work on Production