This guide will walk you through the process of upgrading UPayments UInterface Payment Gateway from V1 (Legacy) to the latest V2

UInterface V2 is equipped with major enhancements and features that elevates the Payment Gateway overall and and payment processing experience for merchants and customers.

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In this guide, you will find the following:

  • API Upgrades
    • Sandbox Testing Environment
      • Testing Your Upgrades
    • Production Environment
      • Go-Live Checklist
  • Plugin Upgrades

API Upgrades

Sandbox Testing Environment

We highly recommend starting with UInterface V2 Testing Environment to test the upgraded Payment Gateway and its features before switching to the Production Environment

Follow the following steps to upgrade your current UInterface V1 to the latest UInterface V2 Sandbox Testing Environment.

  1. Update your payment request API link from to
  2. Test Authorization Token (API Key) : jtest123 (same as in v1)
    Token for Authorization Header (White Labeled API Key): e66a94d579cf75fba327ff716ad68c53aae11528

The below APIs will need to be replaced with new API links

Testing your Upgrades

After replacing all V1 APIs with V2 APIs, you can start Testing using the Sandbox Environment.

This Environment facilitates testing the upgrade without requiring real payments or charges. This environment has the same behavior of the Production Environment including creation of genuine objects.

Test API Keys can be used for this purpose along with Test Card details.

Production Environment

The below APIs will need to be replaced with new V2 API Production Environment Links

Go-Live Checklist

Once you finalize your upgrade by testing V2 Sandbox Environment and updating to V2 Production APIs, you are ready for the final Go-Live Checklist to ensure that everything is working smoothly:


If you are using a UInterface V1 plugin, please find the new UInterface V2 plugin list below:

If you have any questions or in need of any assistance, kindly contact our team at: [email protected]