Non - Whitelabeled API

Using Non whitelabel API, merchants can redirect your end customers (card holders) to the payment page hosted by UPayments page. This page will contain all your enabled payment methods including KNET, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay.

Updates and new features to our payment methods will auto reflect on this page without the need of any changes to the API calls.

To enable your payment methods, refer the 'enable payment methods' section

Whitelabeled API

Using Whitelabeled API, merchant can host payments options on their checkout page.

KNET, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay payment methods must be configured on merchants' applicaton or website.

Whitelabeled API allows the merchants to customize how the enabled payment methods look and feel on their checkout page and also limits the number of redirections until the final payment is completed

paymentGateway.src is a mandatory parameter while using Whitelabel API.

Refer Create Payment request

Whitelabeled API allows you to host the payment methods of your choice on your own checkout page.

If you have disabled any of the payment methods from UPay portal, Payment Button status endpoint will be required for it to reflect on your Checkout page